Practical UNIX Programming:
A Guide to Concurrency, Communication, and Multithreading

by Kay. A. Robbins and Steven Robbins
Prentice Hall, 1996

Click a box below to get a compressed tar file for the programs from a chapter. A red box indicates that only the raw code is available. A green box indicates that programs that can be compiled and tested are also included.

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I Fundamentals

1 What is Concurrency?
2 Programs and Processes
3 Files
4 Project: The Token Ring

II Asynchronous Events

5 Signals
6 Project: Timers
7 Project: Cracking Shells

III Concurrency

8 Critical Sections and Semaphores
9 POSIX Threads
10 Thread Synchronization
11 Project: The Not Too Parallel Virtual Machine

IV Communication

12 Client-Server Communication
13 Project: Internet Radio
14 Remote Procedure Calls
15 Project: Tuple Space

IV Appendices

A UNIX Fundamentals
B UICI Implementation

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